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Computer System Engineer

A.I. Portfolio, Inc. is hiring full-time Computer System Engineer.
Job Duties:
  • Design and implement robust and scalable real-time high data volume system and database by following the industry best practices for the company’s fintech information and analytical services 
  • Develop and deploy centralized system for monitoring the company cloud infrastructures 
  • Identify and assist in monitoring to ensure health, performance and security of Company’s cloud infrastructure
  • Collaborate with the development team and quality assurance on software releasing, assure architectural solutions could be suitably transformed into robust and effectual implementations 
  • Maintain, update the hardware and backend infrastructure of the company’s website.
  • Monitor the company's data center, perform timely checks to make sure the proper running of the servers, handle and resolve technical issues. 
  • Design and develop CI/CD pipeline solutions for improving the efficiency of the entire software development life cycle
  • Continuously document any additions or updates to, included, but not limited to, system infrastructure of the data center, cloud backend services, etc. 
  • Identify business requirements, conduct research on different solutions and alternatives, and provide recommendations and technical advice to management
Job Requirements:
Master's Degree in  Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other related field. Must have One years’ experience as a computer system engineer, computer scientist, or other related position. Must have Knowledge of professional computer system engineering concepts and principles; Experience in real-time, high data volume backend system development and maintenance. Experience using cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure, and virtualization systems like Openstack. Proficiency in network engineering and network security. Excellent technical architecture, design and coding skills in Java, Python, JavaScript
Any interested applicants can mail their resume with code AIP2022 to: Yi Lin, A.I. Portfolio, Inc, 47800 Westinghouse Dr, Fremont, CA 94539.
Job Criteria:
Position Type: Full-Time Permanent
Education Required: Master’s
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Yi Lin
Company: A.I. Portfolio, Inc.
City: Fremont
State: CA
Zip: 94539
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